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The Gods Inc. Series: 3 humorous fantasy standalone novels that take place in a world where gods live amongst humans.

All three were published by Fiery Seas Publishing, which shut down in 2019. There may be some used copies available at these retailers:

Yggdrasil is going insaneThe fabric of r

"Russo's third Gods, Inc. fantasy novel (after Inclement Gods) grounds a goofy, multipantheon save-the-world story in lighthearted interpersonal drama. Vampire CEO-Queen Louhi's annual visit to the Lemuria Zoo is causing stress on manager Hercules, not only because he is in love with her, but also because all of the animals, including god avatars such as baboon Thoth, are going uncontrollably insane. When the issue proves to be a side effect of a witch poisoning the World Tree Yggdrasil in a gambit to extend her own life, teamwork among all of the gods is required to create an antidote and put everything to rights. Russo's administrative Limbo, in which Athena attempts to get a dispensation, has an arbitrary whimsy that echoes Lewis Carroll's aesthetic while being distinctly 21st-century. Giving Yggdrasil an internal monologue cleverly makes it a sympathetic character and not just an object." - Publishers Weekly

A blend of international mythological pantheons is the hallmark of Russo's Gods Inc. series (beginning with Incompetent Gods, 2016). Hercules, now guardian and keeper of the Lemuria Zoo, awakens to chaos among the divine animals that inhabit it. Worse yet, something--or someone--has damaged Yggdrasil, the World Tree. And if She dies, reality dies with it. Worse yet, CEO Queen Louhi is scheduled to visit the zoo to see if Hercules gets to keep his job, and she brings her Titan fiancé, Ba'al, with her. One of the only gods who could help Hercules, Thoth, is trapped in his baboon form. Jupiter, Hercules' father, enlists the help of Minor from the Midgard Realm, Nisabara, Consus, and Maat for help at the zoo, and Athena and John agree to help at Gods Inc. This mixed party--including deities from Kemet, Celtic, Hindu, and Andean mythologies (to name a few)--must race against the clock to collect the ingredients for the antidote before the last leaf falls off Yggdrasil, and the foundations of reality crumble. Readers will pray that they succeed.
-- Tiffany Austin, Booklist

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