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I was born in Quebec City, in a family of book lovers. My father had longed to be a writer and my brother Louis is a well-regarded author and translator. And just to add to the pressure, my brother Claude has now published a celebrated cider-making manual.





For many years, not having discovered the satirical fantasy genre, I resisted the lure of the written word. I got a Licence (or Bachelor’s Degree) in History from the University of Strasbourg with minors in History of the Religions and Archaeology. Then I went on to study Political Science for a year before fleeing in horror. So I threw myself in the restaurant business, eventually owning two… which almost drove me mad.

That’s when I discovered Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett.

I sold the restaurants and started to write. Unsatisfied with my first drafts, I returned to school and got my Master’s Degree in Literature/Creative Writing from Laval University with the first bilingual thesis of the program (novella in English, thesis in French).

While I favor English for my satirical fantasy Gods Inc. series, I equally write in French, my native language, albeit in different genres.


I now live in Madison, Wisconsin, with my husband and my two cats, where I have been working at a homeless shelter.

When I'm not writing, you'll find me on a tennis court, or painting pictures.


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